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Allaire Corporation

Analyzed corporate databases and developed validation, consolidation and integration procedures. Designed and implemented Onyx, SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange applications for worldwide Sales and Customer Relations.

Developed a Web application for gathering customer information.

Evaluated technology and features of several E-Commerce procurement packages and web-based travel & expense reporting packages.

Developed the Proxy Classroom application, Proxy Gateway System sample applications, and the Proxy Gateway Master.

Consolidated product management data, created database schema and developed Excel pivot tables for ad-hoc reports.

Developed an Active Server Pages prototype and Microsoft .NET Web Services implementation for Exchange 2000 based knowledge management applications. Participated in Exchange 2000, SharePoint Portal Server, and Microsoft .NET early adopter programs.

Evaluated various e-mail solutions. Installed and configured POP e-mail server, documented client installation procedures.

Designed and Prototyped a browser interface to a Siebel sales force automation system, and a set of DHTML scriptlets for use in client intranet applications.

Developed PC data acquisition and measurement applications that interface with lab equipment and store results in a remote VAX Ingres database.


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