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Scientific testing equipment (Zymark Robotic System) printed test results to paper, then lab technicians manually entered test results into the corporate database (Ingres, running on a VAX\OpenVMS). This was labor intensive and introduced typing errors into the corporate database.


The Zymark Robotic System supported serial output through an RS232 port. We replaced the HP-85A that was used to enter commands to the Zymark system with a PC running Windows 95, and developed a Visual Basic application that lab technicians could use to send commands to the Zymark system, as well as capture the test output. The test output could be stored directly in the corporate database via a network connection, or stored locally on the PC and transferred to the corporate database as needed.


Visual Basic 6.0, ADO and serial port communications

Ingres*Net and Ingres ODBC drivers

Zymark Robotic System

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