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Renaissance Worldwide is a very large consulting company; we acted as a subcontractor on two projects for Lucent Technologies:

1) Lucent was deploying Seibel Enterprise Version 3.0 for a large Sales Force Automation project. At that time Siebel did not provide a web-based user interface of any kind, and Lucent wanted to provide basic visibility to the Siebel information via a browser interface.

2) Lucent was managing several intranet development projects and wanted to make a standard set of Dynamic HTML (DHTML) graphical objects such as tree views, tabbed dialogs and collapsable lists available to their intranet developers.


1) We created a server-side DLL as a wrapper around the Siebel OLE Data Server, and deployed this DLL on the intranet web server. We then wrote Active Server Page applications that requested Siebel data from the server-side DLL and displayed the Siebel information in HTML format.

2) Using IE 4.0 DHTML, we created object models for the various graphical objects, including properties and methods that would allow the developer to change colors, size and behavior (e.g. the number of 'tabs' in a tabbed dialog). We also defined events that would allow the developers to write code to handle different kinds of user actions involving the objects (e.g., events to signal when a specific tab is selected in a tabbed dialog). Altogether, nine graphical objects were developed along with programmers' documentation.


Visual Basic 5.0

Siebel Enterprise Tools

Siebel OLE Data Server

Microsoft Visual InterDev

HTML and Microsoft Active Server Pages



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