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Funk Software develops and sells networking and communications software products. We delivered three projects:

1) Funk Software was in the process of releasing a new product, a Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for a set of newly developed ActiveX controls for the Proxy product line, and needed a set of sample source code that would illustrate how a programmer could use the controls to build applications.

2) Funk Software wanted to leverage the Proxy SDK to create an application targeted at the 'on-line classroom' or 'distance learning' market.

3) Funk Software was developing another new product, the Proxy Remote Control Gateway System, and needed to ship a client application for the remote control gateway as part of the new product.


1) We developed and documented a set of Visual Basic projects that illustrated the features of the Proxy ActiveX controls. As we worked with early versions of the ActiveX controls, we were able to discover issues and suggest enhancements to the controls that were incorporated into the final product (along with the sample source code).

2) After researching existing products in the distance learning market, we developed the concept, code and documentation for "Proxy Classroom," a distance learning product for intranet or Internet use that includes screen monitoring, broadcasting and group messaging.

3) We developed the Proxy Remote Control Gateway Master, the client application shipped with the Proxy Remote Control Gateway System. This involved working with Funk Software to determine requirements and resolve technical issues, as well as development and documentation responsibilities.


The Proxy Remote Control Gateway System and ActiveX controls

Visual Basic 6.0 and ADO

Microsoft Windows SDK

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