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Professional Experience

Principal Engineer - Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale, CA. December 2005 to present.
On Dec 1, 2005, Juniper Networks acquired Funk Software.  Proxy remote control product development continued.

Principal Engineer - Funk Software, Cambridge, MA. November 1995 to December 2005.
Fully responsible for Proxy remote control product. Designed and implemented high color support and Windows 95 support. Integrated TCP/IP support. Redeveloped product to support Window NT 4.0, including kernel-mode drivers, NT service and control panel applet for Host, and MFC based Master.  Extended platform support to Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

System Architect - MapInfo Corporation, Troy, NY. June 1994 to November 1995.
Evolution of position: Responsible for architecture of significant software development projects, including the flagship product. Invented architecture and produced prototype of Microsoft DataMap feature of Excel 95, which was developed by MapInfo. Designed and implemented OLE strategy for MapInfo for Windows for Windows 95 compliance.

Software Development Manager - MapInfo Corporation, Troy, NY. October 1992 to June 1994.
Continuation of previous position, with supervisory responsibilities: Managed between four and eight software developers working on diverse small projects related to flagship product, as well as maintaining significant design and implementation responsibilities for myself.

Software Engineer - MapInfo Corporation, Troy, NY. November 1989 to October 1992.
Member of programming team to rearchitect and reimplement flagship product from DOS to Windows and Macintosh. Significant contributor to original Macintosh release and original Windows release as well as subsequent versions. Des  implemented graphing and page layout modules, printing support, improved memory management under Windows, domain messaging. Contributed to design of, and implemented, significant portions of the user interface including pen, brush, and symbol pickers as well as many dialogs. Implemented symbol drawing support and styled line drawing support. Fixed bugs in both Macintosh and Windows versions of XVT support library, and implemented significant extensions to same.

Proprietor - Building Block Software, P. O. Box 311, Troy, NY. November 1989 to November 1995.
Consulting and contract work performed off-hours for Turning Point Software and Funk Software. Developed additional Allways print drivers. Developed Microsoft Windows 3.0/3.1 support for Funk Software’s Proxy, a remote control program running over IPX.

Director of Software Engineering - Turning Point Software, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts. September 1985 to November 1989.
Continuation of job with additional supervisory responsibilities. Revised Macintosh copy protection to include hard disk support. Developed specifications for and oversaw development of forms authoring system (FAS). Project leader to team of three programmers who developed full-featured word processor on IBM PC (InWord). Project manager to team of five programmers who developed word processing system on IBM PC (Wordbench). Project leader to team of three programmers who developed desktop publishing quality printing engine for spreadsheet add-in (Allways). Project manager to team of three programmers who ported communications engine from IBM PC to Macintosh. Project manager and lead programmer for specialized communications program under Microsoft Windows (GraphicsLink).

Senior Software Engineer - Turning Point Software, Inc., Watertown, Massachusetts. February 1984 to September 1985.
Programmer responsible for all software development on IBM Personal Computer. Wrote Time Is Money personal for IBM PC from Apple ][ source. Developed copy protection system for Radio Shack Color Computer. Converted Trivia Fever in BASIC to Color Computer. Converted Trivia Fever from BASIC to C for Apple Macintosh. Developed copy protection for Apple Macintosh computer. Supervised and participated in development of diet and exercise program Shape Up! for IBM PC.

Contractor - International Business Machines, Boca Raton, Florida. September 1982 to January 1983.
Contract to complete the Return on Investment analysis program that was begun the previous summer. This job was given to me as an independent contractor and was performed during my senior year in college.

Programmer - International Business Machines, Advanced Manufacturing Systems - Marketing Education, Boca Raton, Florida. May 1982 to August 1982.
Created program on IBM Personal Computer to assist in return on investment and discounted cash flow analysis of robot purchase decisions. Taught education classes on AML robotics language.

Programmer - International Business Machines, Advanced Manufacturing Systems - Marketing, Boca Raton, Florida. January 1981 to August 1981.
Designed and programmed teaching aid for applications on the Robot System/1.


Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
MS Computer Science, June 1988 (summa cum laude)

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York
BS Computer Science, Management minor, May 1983 (magna cum laude)

Cooper City High School, class of 1979
Graduated salutatorian in class of 650


Microsoft Certified Professional - Certified in 'Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (70-016).


"An Introduction to Modula-2",
Byte, August 1984

"Run-Time Error Handing in FORTH Using SETJMP and LNGJMP for Execution Control, or GOTO in FORTH"
The Journal of Forth Application and Research, Volume 3, Number 1, 1985

Computer Languages

Fluent in: C, C++ (including MFC), 80386/8086 assembler, 68000 assember

Proficient in: BASIC (including Visual Basic and VBA), Pascal, 8080/Z80 assembler

Computer Systems

IBM Personal Computer (Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, MS-DOS), Apple Macintosh, 8080/Z80 based microcomputers (CP/M)

Programs Developed

MapInfo for Windows and MapInfo for Macintosh, desktop mapping software

Proxy, remote control program for Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT

GraphicsLink, communications program for Microsoft Windows 3.1

Proprietary communications engine for Macintosh

Allways, desktop publishing printing add-in for 1-2-3 on IBM PC

Wordbench, word processor writing tool for IBM PC

InWord, word processor add-in for 1-2-3 on IBM PC

Noteworthy, annotation add-in for 1-2-3 on IBM PC

Forms Authoring System, application development system for IBM PC

Shape Up!, health/educational software for IBM PC

Copy protection system Lotus’ Jazz for Macintosh

SuperLok Mac, copy protection for Macintosh

Trivia Fever, game for Macintosh

Trivia Fever, game for TRS-80 Color Computer

TPS System C, copy protection for TRS-80 Color Computer

Time Is Money personal, personal accounting on IBM PC

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