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Paula's Publications

"Web Methods Make it Easy to Publish Your App's Interface over the Internet"
MSDN Magazine, March, 2002

"Building a Fully Integrated Knowledge Management Solution"
White Paper published by KPMG International, 2000

Contributor to "Fire Events from ATL COM Objects"
Visual Basic Programmers Journal, August, 1998

"Database Design and Data Modeling"
URISA , GIS/LIS and AM/FM Workshops, 1993, 1994 and 1995

"Mapping the Global Market: The Search for International Data"
GIS in Business, Europe and US Conferences, January/June 1994

"Optimizing Every Project's Largest Expense - Data"
AM/FM Executive Conference, August 1993

"Enterprise Data Issues"
AM/FM Executive Conference, August 1992

"Using Relational Technology to Manage Geographic Data - Advantages and Challenges"
Database Methods for Science and Engineering, August, 1992

Paula has also spoken at several user group conferences on behalf of IBM and MapInfo.


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